Quote "What if we lived in these challenging times with a deep awareness of the mystery of all that surrounds us? And, for those of you who are spiritually inclined, with the added awareness that we are being supported in this shift by loving evolutionary forces?" Christine Penner Polle

Can Joy and the Climate Emergency Exist Together?

I’m thinking about joy as I write this on a blissfully rainy day. After the drought and wildfires of this summer, which brought the Climate Emergency closer to home than ever, the rain pattering against the window is the best sound ever! 

I’m sure you’ve noticed the crazy weather across the globe this summer. Beyond the burning forests, smoke-filled skies and drought in much of Canada and the U.S, catastrophic flooding has destroyed lives and communities in Germany, England, and China this summer. As I write this in August, much of Turkey and Greece are on fire, threatening homes as well as the Acropolis and other historic sites that have stood for millennia. If you tuned into the news recently, you will have heard about the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It is sounding a “Code Red” for humanity. This group of experts are warning that the extreme weather events we are seeing will only increase in the years ahead unless drastic action is taken to decrease climate pollution. ​

You can read more about why I called the summer of 2021 a season of reckonings in this blog post, or tune into the Climate of Joy podcast for more. More and more of us are experiencing eco worry and despair about the state of the world.

A Reconciliation of Two Worlds

Some of you may know that my journey to energy healing includes many years of writing about, and advocating for action on, climate change. As a mother and a healthcare professional, I was (and continue to be) alarmed at the lack of action on the part of our elected leaders to ensure we are leaving a livable world for future generations. 

Since I launched my wellness practice several years ago, it has been a struggle for me to publicly reconcile my two passions, my Earth/climate activism and my spiritual/energetic healing work. This summer, the two have come together for me. 

“It is clear to the Union of Concerned Scientists and anyone else taking a sober look that our direction must change radically if we are to survive as a species.”  (Dr David Feinstein)

I recently participated in an amazing workshop led by Donna Eden and Dr David Feinstein (you can learn more about Eden Energy Medicine here – https://edenenergymedicine.com/). Donna is an energy healer who is able to see the energy around people and other living beings. She has become increasingly aware, in recent years, of patterns of energy that suggest that humans may be ready to make an evolutionary leap in consciousness from fear to love even as we appear to be heading towards chaos. And that we are being supported in making that shift by a loving energetic force. 

“History gives us reason for hope that cultural transformation can exceed our wildest imagination.”         (Dr David Feinstein)

I felt so many shivers up and down my spine during this workshop. These shivers are what let me know when I’m in the right place and the right time, getting the right “downloads”. 

After this workshop, and other recent experiences, it’s clear to me that it’s time to let my “freak flag fly” (LOL) and bring together my two worlds publicly. I told you not so long ago that I was “coming out of the closet” as a Soul Detective®. Now I’m telling you that I’m a Soul Detective® with a particular focus on helping people build spiritual resilience during these trying times. If you are feeling hopeless about the state of the world – I hope you’ll feel at home in the Climate of Joy community. And if you’re not experiencing, or worried about, the impacts of climate change, I hope you will also feel welcome, because greater spiritual resilience is helpful in regular everyday life as well. 

I continue to offer one-on-one Spiritual Coaching sessions (click here to find out more), as well as other free resources.

Climate of Joy Facebook Group

I’m excited to launch a new private Facebook group as one of the ways to offer more support to you. I know that not all of you are on Facebook, so keep reading for more news for you. Head over to the Climate of Joy group if you are interested in weekly oracle card pulls and lots of other fun and free stuff!

A second, non-Facebook-based, way I’m going to be offering my support is through holding regular online Healing Circles. The circles will be an opportunity to share our experiences, fears, and hopes. They will offer a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere to explore the challenges we are facing, individually and collectively. My aim is to also provide participants with resources from my energetic “toolbox” for support on this journey. The first gathering will be on Saturday September 4th at 9:30 am EST (6:30 am Pacific – my apologies to anyone on the West Coast!). To get on the Climate of Joy newsletter list to make sure you don’t miss out, head over to our Free Resources page to sign up. Stay tuned for more details; I really hope you will join the conversation!

Climate of Joy Podcast

A third resource that I offer is the Climate of Joy podcast. This fall my monthly contributions to the Friday conversations will include conversations with people who are helping humanity’s shift in consciousness. So stay tuned for more on that front as well. You are not alone at this time of eco-worry and Climate Emergency. Joy and healing are possible.

I will leave you with the words of Hopi Chief White Eagle, (you can read more in the Climate of Joy group):

“This moment humanity is experiencing can be seen as a door or a hole…When we cross the threshold, we have a new worldview because we faced our fears and difficulties. This is all you can do now:

– Serenity in the storm

– Keep calm, pray everyday

– Make a habit of meeting the sacred everyday.

Show resistance through art, joy, trust and love.”


Wishing you love and peace as we sail ahead together,


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