Tapping on climate change and the future

Quantum Thinking in a World in Hot Water

Where are we going, and why are we in a hand basket?

This is the summer that we can say climate change is affecting our lives, wherever we are in the globe. Climate change and the future is on more and more peoples’ minds. Record heat waves are hitting Europe. North Africa is having a devastating heat waves as well. Fires rage in Europe.  There have been been deadly heat waves across the US in my own country.

Here in Canada there’s hundreds of wildfires raging just in my own province of British Columbia. 

Across the country on the east coast of Canada, in Nova Scotia, there was flooding where people died because they were swept away in their vehicles. So much devastation across the country.  There’s wildfires burning that have been causing record air pollution levels,  not only in Canada, in different places across Canada. And it has crossed into US as well, in some of the most populated states like New York.

So here we are  

Those of us who have been following what the science has been saying about climate change aren’t surprised to hear this.  At the same time, on top of these extreme weather events that are happening, there’s food supplies that are being affected.

India just brought in an export ban on its rice to ensure it has a domestic supply, which is unprecedented. People are panic buying rice all over the world.

Again, not surprising, for those of us who have been following the climate science. This is what scientists have been warning will happen if we continue to pour greenhouse gas pollution into the atmosphere. We do that by burning fossil fuels. Which also happens to be the way that we fuel our society,  all of our economy.

We are in a crisis.

This post  isn’t so much to focus on what’s going on. You can read the headlines for that. If you’re reading this, you know that  we’re in unprecedented new territory with regards to our climate and the implications for what that’s going to do to our society.

Let’s focus on the automatic “fight flight or freeze” instinct that we humans have when we’re threatened. Because climate change is threatening not only our way of life, and our food supply. For some of you reading this it may be actually physically threatening your homes. This “fight fight or freeze” response, this fear response, is going to kick in for me as well as everybody else. But my hope is to give us all, including me, some tools to deal with that fear. We are going to need help to bring down the rush of adrenaline. We are also going to need a new perspective about these incredible times that we’re living in, because we are standing on a precipice of a whole new way of being on this planet.

All of us alive, the nearly 8 billion people on the planet today, get to cast a vote on whether we’re going to shift into a world of peace where everybody gets to thrive where there’s more cooperation and more health. Is this climate emergency and all of the other planetary emergencies that we’re facing – the biodiversity crisis, the economic crisis, the inequality crisis – is this a gateway into a world where everybody thrives?  Or a gateway into increasing chaos, conflict and toxicity? So no pressure at all!

What’s a person supposed to do in these unprecedented times?

It’s tempting to look away.

But if you’re one of those courageous souls who can’t look away and you’re trying to make sense of and live coherently in a world seemingly gone crazy, I’m glad you dropped by because there is a frontier where eco-grief and quantum consciousness and quantum healing meet. That is the invitation that the Climate Emergency is extending to us. In order to take up that invitation, which really is about releasing the past way of doing things in order to cultivate a different reality than the painful one that currently dominates the globe, we have to make an effort to do our own healing. 

It doesn’t mean we’re perfect. We don’t want perfection to be the enemy of the good because none of us are perfect. We’re human. If you knew me well, you would know how imperfect I am. But the findings of quantum mechanics or quantum physics suggest that we have the power to shift our consciousness. And the Climate Emergency is telling us that the old way no longer works and the same system of thinking and being in the world that has brought us to the brink of global disaster, which has caused this fractured relationship with mother Earth for most of us in the western world. It’s also taught us not to trust our sixth sense, our intuition.  We’re told it’s only our five senses that can give us information about the world. 

Quantum science, however, is pointing out to us that what we see in touch isn’t all that there is to reality. In fact, the world of the five senses is just the very superficial surface of things in the quantum world.

Material reality – the ultimate optical illusion?

We aren’t solid matter, we are vibrating energy and that means our consciousness has an impact on reality. 

What does that mean in the middle of a summer of alarming weather and increasing food prices and threats to our health and well-being?

We are invited to stop and breathe. That’s always a good place to start. Breathe and connect to the here-and-now. There may be looming disaster ahead, but not in the present moment.  If our system is consistently in” fight flight or freeze” mode, we’re going to overreact, not just when the threat physically arrives, but before. We’re primed for fighting or fleeing or freezing. None of which, is a helpful response to this incredible invitation that we’re being offered.

I keep circling back to the question of “How would it impact one’s life if one acknowledged and integrated the reality that, as solid as we and the world around us seems, we are vibrating energy? That each thought that we put out affects ourselves and ripples out to the world.” 

Could a quantum perspective change the way we see the world?

How would taking seriously the concept that we are vibrating energy change the way we think about ourselves, the way we think about others, what we put out into the world? What would that mean in the context of the Climate Emergency? How would that change our response to what we’re seeing on the news? Might it make a difference to climate change and the future?

It can be incredibly difficult if you’re someone who has recognized for years that this is what the climate scientists have been warning us about. They’ve been very clear about their warning. Yet not only has the science been disregarded by policy makers but in fact, there’s been an active campaign to undermine the reality of the climate science by and for those who are making the most money from polluting our the world that sustains life.

It’s very hard (and I speak from personal experience) not to feel intense anger and disdain for those who would pollute the earth for the sake of making a buck. Righteous anger needs to be recognized. But if this is to become an evolutionary moment for humanity, which it has the potential to do because the enormity of the threat, we need to release those “low vibration” feelings. If we continue to feel anger and vengeance towards those who have put us in this place, that is a consciousness that will continue the same state of affairs.

We are vibrating energy

But if we recognize that we are vibrating energy, do we have then have the ability to change the narrative? If we grasp that we are more space than we are matter? To change the story that we tell ourselves and say “for my part, I’m willing to release anger and vengefulness.” And embrace the idea that we move forward collectively trying to lift everybody up. That means letting go of anger and resentment personally and collectively,

It doesn’t mean we continue to let the fossil fuel companies dictate the agenda – absolutely not!  But it does mean that we stop spending time and energy focusing on what they’ve done wrong, and cursing them for getting us into this situation. What might shift if we move forward with a consciousness that is grounded that is willing to forgive and willing to do its own healing work?

I would love to hear from you.  What do you do to keep yourself grounded in the midst of the crazy times that we’re in?

Energy Healing Tips in the Climate Emergency

For myself, I love to walk , especially to walk in nature. And, of course, I use energy healing techniques. I’m going to put a link to a tapping video specifically for dealing with these feelings that come up in the Climate Emergency. Feelings of powerlessness, anger, etc. One has to acknowledge what one feels before one can shift it. And that is also true in EFT tapping the energy healing tool that I  love to use and share. Pretending that one feels different doesn’t work. First, it is important to acknowledge one’s feelings while tapping on the acupressure points. Incredibly, that can shift things.

If you want to change some of the feelings that you have around the climate emergency, to feel free to use the video link below.

Gif of woman using EFT tapping

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