What a privilege it is to be able to help people transform their lives through releasing the energetic “knots” that have been keeping them tied up and away from the life of their dreams. Knots and blocks that they weren’t able to identify by themselves.  Because who of us was taught that we are vibrating energy? Who of us was taught to trust our “sixth sense”, our intuition? While “common sense” and our five senses suggest that we and the world around us are solid matter, in fact quantum physics has revealed that is the ultimate optical illusion. 

Understanding the world and ourselves as vibrational energy can release blocks that keep us from living a life of joy. This empowering work can transform your life and send healing ripples out to the world around you.

Clock with words 'Time to Heal'

The Body Code and The Emotion Code

The Body Code and the Emotion Code are energy healing modalities that focus on balancing different aspects of our life experience. All of us “collect” emotional, energetic, and other imbalances as humans making the way in the world as best we can. They are based on the principle that anything that is imbalanced in the body can be identified and corrected at the energetic level. 

The Emotion and Body Code aren’t intended to replace any medical treatment. Rather, they take a different approach to healing by focusing on the energetic level. By correcting underlying imbalances at the energetic level, the body’s innate self-healing ability can be supported.

These modalities can result in less discomfort and malfunction in the body and can bolster overall body function. Using the Body Code hand in hand with the Emotion Code can release emotional blocks and difficulties as well.

Certified Body Code Practitioner
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner