Climate Crone

The Crone symbolizes wisdom and healing. She is endowed with insight into secrets of life, death, & mysteries beyond this world.

In our culture the Crone is often vilified as an ugly old hag, a wicked witch. Her wisdom and power are viewed as a threat.

rightly so, as the crone's fierce and life-affirming magic releases shackles and dissolves disempowerment. Without these our society can't function. The "civilization" that casually pollutes our water, our air, our oceans, and our climate would crumble. The way of life that is robbing our children of a healthy safe future would cease to be.

Experts in the earth's climate are seeing changes in the climate in every region of the planet. They confirm that human pollution is causing these changes, and that only drastic reductions in human-caused pollution before 2030 can prevent massive global climate breakdown.

It's time for Crone wisdom to rise up unshackled and unafraid, to speak boldly for the grandchildren AND FOR the earth.

Are you ready to take steps to heal yourself and the earth?

join the Climate Crone cafe circle on the last Saturday of every month!


climate crone cafes are led by energy intuitive Christine Penner Polle. They are a place to share feelings about climate change in a supportive circle, & have the opportunity to shift them using energy techniques.

Climate Cafe conversations are an opportunity to take our fears, worries, and anger about the Climate Emergency and throw them into the Climate Crone Cauldron to be transformed into beneficial energy to support you during this challenging time.

Get registered to ensure you get Climate Crone Cafe reminders & Zoom info.

Thank you for caring about the planet and our future. I hope to see you soon!

Love & light, Christine

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