Beautiful You

A four-week online journey

It’s possible to change your relationship with food, & change your life!

The Beautiful You journey is intended to help you:

Beautiful You could be for you if:

This 4-week online journey is available now for the very special price of $197.
The Beautiful You experience is offered only after the Lose Your Cravings Tapping Challenge, and won’t be available again until the end of 2024.

Here is what is all included in the 4 week Beautiful You journey:

Exclusive Bonuses

Two hands with palms facing, with light shining in between

One Personal Energy Clearing From Christine

One personal energy clearing from Christine.Energy clearing is a subtle, gentle way to release what has been holding you back, making more room to experience joy and vitality.and also...Continued access to the tapping videos from the Lose the Cravings Challenge!

You aren’t meant to just exist in this life...

floundering from one diet to the next, feeling inadequate because of a number on a scale. You are meant to live fully and vibrantly!

My aim is to make the Beautiful You journey an incredibly value-packed and inspirational experience. Because there has never been a better time to connect to the wisdom of your body, boost your body confidence, and stop self-sabotage with food than in these confusing and chaotic times.

I hope you’ll join me on the Beautiful You journey!

Love & Light,


Are you ready to change your relationship with your body?