We are living in incredible times.

Each of us alive today gets to cast a deciding vote on whether humanity’s future holds  a thriving world of peace, cooperation and health, or increasing chaos, conflict, and planetary toxicity.

Understanding ourselves and the world as patterns of energy frequency and vibration holds a key to personal and global healing. 

I’m Christine,

an award-winning author, podcaster and climate activist/crone. A former nurse and educator, I’m on a mission to demystify the world of vibrational energy in order to empower people who are passionate about personal and global healing. 

My winding path to vibrational energy healing and climate crone-hood has been one of healing layers of eco-grief and anxiety, along with personal and ancestral trauma. 

I am a former shy introvert. My concern that our childrens’ futures were in danger from lack of action on urgent environmental issues, though, moved me out of my comfort zone. I have lobbied the Canadian Parliament and the US Congress for climate action. My passion for change has led me to blog and speak to audiences large and small. It  inspired my second book, Unfreeze Yourself: Five ways to take action on climate change NOW for the sake of your family, your health, and the planet.

My journey as a lobbyist for change brought me full circle back to energy healing work that I had learned when I was a hospital nurse. That is when I first discovered the potent healing effects of vibrational energy medicine.

Let me help you move from eco-grief and worry to freedom. Now is the time to embrace the power of vibrational energy and create a life that you truly love. One that will send powerful healing ripples out to the world.

Christine speaking at a climate conference

Understanding that we are patterns of energy, frequency, and vibration is crucial. It’s a key to both personal and global healing.

Humanity is standing on the precipice of a whole new way of being on the planet. One path leads towards a flourishing world of peace, cooperation, and health. The other path leads us into escalating chaos, conflict, and environmental degradation.

What if new understandings in quantum science are a solution to following the path to a flourishing future? 

New discoveries in quantum physics shows that what we see and touch isn’t all there is to reality. In quantum reality, the physical world of the five senses is just the surface of things.

Our sixth sense – intuition – is a powerful guide.

It offers us a way out of the current global chaos.

From a young age, we’re taught to ignore our intuition (our “inner GPS”) and rely solely on our five senses for information about the world.

However, quantum physics tells us that our five senses offer a limited view of reality.

In the quantum realm, we’re not solid matter but vibrating energy, and our consciousness affects reality. Intuition is the gateway to understanding quantum reality.

I invite you to join me and others on the frontier where eco-grief and quantum consciousness meet.